• Implants

  • Partials / dentures

  • Root canals

  • Extractions

  • Tooth whitening

  • And more

  • Clinical oral exams

  • Radiograph and interpretation - x-rays

  • Routine dental prophylaxis - cleanings

  • Topical fluoride treatment


According to the American Dental Association guidelines, you should visit your dentist twice in a year for a routine check up. We're here for you. Following an exam and cleaning, any problems you might have will be carefully explained as well as a list of treatment options to resolve the problem. Have dental insurance? Most insurances cover the cost of preventative treatments which means dental services at no cost to you.


Don't wait for little tooth issues to become serious problems. Call McArthur Dental for an appointment today.


Do you have cavities? Based on the size of the cavity, we will decide if the tooth needs a simple filling, crown, or extraction. If you need a simple filling, we'll help you choose the right restoration for you.

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What do diagnostic / preventative treatments include?

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